Andreas Heumann

"One of the great natural photographers of our time and certainly one of the most influential" - (Mark Reddy BMPDDB)


Andreas Heumann, born in
Munich, was brought up in Switzerland. On leaving school he began an apprenticeship in Bern to study block-making and printing.
He stayed there for four years which gave him the wide knowledge of colour which was invaluable in his later work and of course in his painting. Although he had always wanted to paint and
had had ambition to go to Florence to study it was photography that initially captured his imagination and led him to London via short stints in Paris and New York.

Photographers like Stieglitz, Avedon, Kertesz, Weston, Steichen and Cartier Bresson influenced his early work. Once in London, he started to do Reportage and Fashion photography working on assignments for magazines such as Stern, Vogue, Twen, Harpers and many others.
It was then that he was spotted by the advertising industry and since then he has worked on over twelve hundred advertising campaigns, both national and international. Advertising discovered the potential of his images and this helped to make his name into one of the most prolific and successful in the industry - his artistic style has won him over a hundred awards.

Despite his busy schedule, Andreas Heumann has continued to produce a prodigious amount of personal work. His prints are in the collections of The Victoria & Albert Museum, Kodak's Museum of Photography in Rochester USA, as well as numerous Private Collections. His Campaign for the Tate Gallery won him numerous Awards.

Each print is a unique work, emphasizing Heumann's absorption with the artistic side of photography. The final results have been fastidiously worked on, revealing a sensitive feel for the medium. But, as Heumann said during an interview in "Techniques of Masters" (worldwide satellite TV series, sponsored by Kodak): "A bad picture will always be a bad picture, no technique will save or improve it. It is not style or technique that makes the image. It is the thought and the interpretation of an experience in life, our seven senses, which have to be translated into a picture. The technique is only a tool for enhancement of a thought".

  Extract from "Art Review":
It's difficult to establish the flavour of Heumann's photo outlook. Names like Weston and Lange immediately evoke particular images, certain variations on obsessive theme. The form of Heumann's prints seems to respond to the variable content; at times ironic, at times rather bleak and sometimes with lyrical romanticism. What is invariable is the undeniable quality and authority of his images and their presentation, though sometime the way the work is elusive.

You find yourself going back to a print and ask yourself just why you find it so moving. The demise of a dead housefly by a rain spattered window pane just shouldn't be that moving, but in Heumann's hands it's both a simple statement and a major event.

Fulfilling his childhood dream Andreas Heumann started to paint 1999. Initially his painting was a counterbalance to photography. A simple urge turned into a stronger full time process to express himself. His paintings have been bought by Collectors world wide.