Andreas Heumann

Augenblick Augenblick (Ger. n.)
- a moment of time; a blink. A blink – a flash, a shutter closing on that instant which makes a work of art.
Andreas Heumann has been described as ‘one of the great natural photographers of our time and certainly one of the most influential’. He is already well known in the advertising industry through thousands of campaigns ranging from the sexy Aristoc images; the Nike campaign showing runners in the dark African bush and his many varied and dramatic shots for the automobile industry.

However, this book shows another aspect of Heumann’s way of seeing, the subtlety of his still life which capture the moment but show that the moment is moving on; himself, the photographer, by essence a ‘voyeur’ catching lights and shadows in moments many are not aware of; a single stem placed in a glass of water; the black cat leaping across one’s path; the hounds waiting for the call of the huntsman; a beautiful woman caught in the shower. Indeed Blue Shower, exhibited at the Royal Academy, was much featured in the BBC’s recent coverage of this year’s Summer Exhibition. The work is so versatile, it makes you wonder what you have missed and what you might see, if you look for that “Augenblick”. - Some pictures make you aware about ironies in life without shouting too loud. In fact, they make you smile.

This book is partly autobiographical; and the photographs are very much part of his own experiences, his creative thoughts and the continuing and penetrating interpretations of his own life. Whilst photography for Andreas is a never ending obsession he has always been interested in painting and took up this medium in 1999. Clearly influenced by Modigliani and Picasso, his expressive use of colour creates work that has been bought by collectors worldwide.

AUGENBLICK  by  Andreas Heumann   -   £ 16.00

A5, 148 pages, 208 images, full colour, silk varnished.
The first 200 books will be signed by Andreas Heumann.