Andreas Heumann

  October 2007
Andreas Heumann's fourth book, titled AUGENBLICK, was launched during the opening of his Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, Cork Street, London W1, 8th October 2007.
For more information and how to order, click on AUGENBLICK or on the photo of the cover.

8 - 13th October 2007 - Solo Exhibition, The Gallery, Cork Street, London W1  (Photographs and Paintings).

  June - August 2007
Blue Shower was accepted by the Royal Academy of Arts in London.
This picture could be seen (1.5 M wide) in this Years Summer Exhibition, starting 7th June (for buyers), 8th, 9th and 10th private views, open to the public there after, ending 19th August.

  June 2007 - Hackwood Art Festival, 8th-11th June 2007